When it comes to practicing great dental hygiene, brushing your teeth is a must have on that list. The American dental association recommends that people brush their teeth twice every day. When you do that, you are helping eliminate the food particles left on the surface, getting rid of plaque, bacteria and getting fresh breath while at it. In all of this, there are some parts that tend to be forgotten by everyone and receive little to no care at all. One such part is the cheeks. We can spend 2 minutes, brushing our teeth, but won’t even think to brush the cheeks.

Caring For Your Inner Cheek

Unlike the other surfaces of the mouth, such as the teeth and tongue, the cheeks are made of very soft tissue. Since they are very smooth, trying to focus your efforts on these surfaces might be a bit of a problem. While it is true that every part of your mouth needs your attention, the cheeks can be better cleaned by a good mouthwash. Mouthwash is made up of special ingredients that not only kill germs and bacteria; it also gives the user fresh breath that can last for a while.

What’s more, most surfaces of the body shed every day. This includes your skin, GI lining, cheeks and even the gums. Unlike these surfaces, your teeth do not shed. Since their surface is permanent, they are also difficult to repair and that is why taking care of the teeth is such a high priority. As for the cheeks, it’s important to clean them as often as you do your teeth or at least once every day. If you don’t have the time to slowly and meticulously clean the inside of the cheeks, then you can swirl on some mouthwash and you’ll be good to go. What’s more, the mouthwash will also disinfect the areas where you might have bitten yourself and germs thronged there.