Preventive Dental Services

Preventing problems is always preferred, and we have the tips and tools to help. At T-Town Smiles we see our profession to include healing as well as enhancing, enhancing can include a variety of ideas from education to helping you look and feel better. We invite all of our patients to review, ask and consider the range of preventive services we offer to enhance your oral health.


Comprehensive Treatment Planning

We love to meet with, evaluate and discuss our patient’s oral health. From considering their level of decay to improving chewing, and enhancing their look, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan with both short term and long term treatment goals.


Oral Examinations

Your oral exam includes visual accounting of decay, gum pocket depth, and any unusual coloring, texture or growth. Your oral exam also includes reviewing dental x-rays for problems that are not seen with the naked eye, including decay below the gumline and growths that are hidden.


Scaling and Root Planing

The process of scaling is the removal of hard calculus from below the gum line; it is a very common step of adult dental cleanings. Calculus often includes harmful bacteria that infects the gum tissue and leads to the development of increasing gum pockets. We use a dental tool known as an ultrasonic scaler, followed by a hand scaler, to remove the harmful material. Following scaling, we then smooth the roots through a process known as root planing. This will induce a healing response in your gums while also preventing material from settling as easily in the future.


Head and Neck Cancer Screenings

Screening for indications of oral cancer is a fast and easy part of every dental checkup. We visually inspect the oral region for anything unusual, including changes in color, texture or the development of lumps and bumps. We examine the entire oral region, including soft and hard tissues inside the mouth, followed by the lips, cheeks, and neck. Statistics tell us that more dentists find symptoms of oral cancer than any other medical professional.



Dental extractions are the removal of teeth. There are a variety of reasons that a tooth may need to be extracted, including severe decay, severe breakage, poor positioning or due to being impacted. Whenever possible, we will recommend taking steps to keep and restore your teeth.


Non-impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

A tooth that is impacted means that it is unable to fully ascend or descend into position. This can be due to inadequate space, or the positioning of the tooth. Wisdom teeth that have been able to fully come into position may still require extraction. Wisdom teeth, even if they are not impacted, can still be problematic. They are difficult to reach when brushing and flossing, they often become decayed, and once the roots have fully grown in, removing them is more painful with longer periods required for healing. We are happy to review and discuss your specific teeth about your oral health.


Mouth Guards

Mouth guards can be customized to protect your teeth when protection may be needed, specifically for patients who engage in sports, extreme outdoor activities or who suffer from a condition known as bruxism which includes the grinding, gnashing or clenching of their teeth while they sleep. Your teeth are important; they play a huge role in your ability to eat, speak and your overall self-confidence. We can help you protect them.


Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies happen, from knocked out teeth to broken teeth, soft tissue damage, or infection, we are here to help. We daily keep spots open in our schedule to meet the needs of patients who unexpectedly need help. Additionally, we have created relations with providers to have you be seen outside of office hours, whatever the need, we can help.



Dental sealants are placed to protect the most vulnerable areas of your teeth. Our teeth are designed with dips and valley’s to allow for proper chewing; the downside is that food and debris can get stuck in these dentitions and lead to decay. Dental sealants act as a barrier between the tooth and debris, protecting the tooth from harmful bacteria.


Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease is a common dental problem for many adults. It is an active bacterial infection of the tissue that supports and surrounds your teeth. When your gums are infected, they will begin to pull away from your teeth, leading to a much more severe problem. We can provide you with the tips and tools you need to rid the infection and maintain a healthier mouth.


Orthodontic Space Maintenance

Sometimes, teeth come out too soon in our younger patients, or teeth are removed to improve a patient’s bite. When an orthodontist wants to hold a space for a tooth, we can apply a prosthetic known as a spacer. This will prevent teeth from drifting out of control.


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