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Tulsa dentist examining a patients smile after cosmetic dentistry at T-Town Smiles.The popularity of cosmetic dentistry has sky-rocketed over the past few decades. Cosmetic dentistry is a field of professional dentistry that is designed to improve the appearance of your teeth, gums, and smile as a whole. At T-Town Smiles, our cosmetic services can give you a smile you have always wanted! In some cases, these services even provide restorative benefits that improve your oral health.


Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring, also known as tooth reshaping, is ideal for patients with a minor imperfection in their enamel, the hard outer layer of the tooth. These minor imperfections include chipped enamel, abnormally-shaped teeth, and other issues that make you self-conscious about your smile. There are many benefits to cosmetic contouring, the main one being that it provides instant results within a single appointment. The procedure is also minimally-invasive, conservative, and relatively inexpensive.

During the procedure, Dr. Street will use a drill to file down a small portion of the enamel to change the length or shape of the tooth. Once we contour the tooth to our liking, we will polish the area to restore its sheen and improve esthetics. That’s it. The procedure is simple, straightforward, and usually takes less than half an hour.


Teeth Whitening

The shade of your enamel can darken or yellow over time, especially if consume pigment heavy beverages like coffee, tea, and wine. Your enamel also becomes thinner as you age, revealing more dentin, the yellow layer beneath the enamel. Because this experience is essentially universal, teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic procedures available today. It is also safer and more effective than ever before.

We offer an in-office, or “chairside,” whitening procedure that lightens the enamel and removes surface stains. In-office whitening is far more effective than store-bought alternatives. A single whitening treatment can make your smile up to eight shades whiter! During the procedure, we paint the bleaching solution, usually a hydrogen peroxide-based gel, directly to the surfaces of the tooth.

After about 15 minutes or so, we wash off the gel and apply a new coat. This process is repeated until we achieve the desired effects. We may also fabricate a custom-fit mouth tray so that you can continue whitening treatment at home.



A dental veneer is an ultra-thin shell, usually made of porcelain, that is designed to cover the front surface of your tooth. Veneers can improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, cracked, discolored, gapped, or abnormally-shaped. During the procedure, Dr. Street will remove a small portion of your enamel to accommodate the shape of the veneer. Next, we will take an impression of the tooth, and use it to fabricate your final veneer. Porcelain is the preferred material, because of its unmatched esthetic value. A porcelain veneer is virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth because it mimics the texture and light-scattering properties of enamel. We may recommend porcelain veneers as a conservative alternative to dental crowns because they do not require a complete reshaping of your enamel.


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